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Recent updates

  • Article: Apr 12, 2014

    Tessa's recent meeting with Norman Lamb, Minister for Health was a huge success attended by

    over 200 people who came to listen to what Norman had to say and ask questions about his

    work in the Department of Health.

    The minister stated that "It was fantastic to have the chance to speak to local residents in Tessa's patch

  • Tax Cut Success
    Article: Mar 26, 2014

    After continuous campaigning, local MP Tessa Munt is celebrating one of
    several Lib Dem wins in last week's Budget with the announcement of
    another rise in the tax threshold - the amount you earn before paying tax
    - to £10,500.

    This further increase will deliver a further £100 tax cut to low and
    middle income earners

    Thanks to the Lib Dems, 225,000 people in Somerset will get yet another
    income tax cut of £100 in 2015, meaning low and middle income earners
    will be £800 better off by the time of the next election.

    In the run-up to the 2010 General Election, the Lib Dems' main manifesto
    push was to raise the threshold when tax was taken from Labour's £6,475
    to at least £10,000, which has happened. The Lib Dems have pressed for
    more rises - and their next aim is a tax threshold of £12,500, the
    full-time pay of an adult on the minimum wage. Last week's Budget
    delivered one more step on the way to that point.

    Commenting after the Budget Statement, Tessa said:

    "The Lib Dems have already delivered workers a £700 tax cut by raising
    the tax threshold to £10,000. Now we've gone even further, which is
    amazing when you think back to the Party leaders' debates before the 2010
    election, when David Cameron said: "I would love to take everyone out of
    their first £10,000 of income tax, Nick... We cannot afford it". And
    whilst Labour claims it is the Party with a conscience, it had 13 years
    to make sweeping changes like these, but chose not to."

    "I want to see a much more progressive tax system in the UK. This is
    just the start. This Budget, with Lib Dem policies at its centre, shows
    what can be done when there are Lib Dems in Government!"

  • Article: Mar 19, 2014

    Local MP delighted at Government news that local parents to get help with childcare costs

    Local MP Tessa Munt has today welcomed a new major childcare package which is set to help 2,970 parents in the Mendip area and 3,110 parents in the Sedgemoor area.

    Working families will be given up to £2,000 to ease the cost of childcare as part of a scheme to be rolled out in autumn 2015.

  • Article: Feb 2, 2014

    At a crowded meeting in Wells Town Hall on Friday 31st January 2014, Tessa was re-selected by Wells Liberal Democrats to be their candidate at the 2015 General Election.

  • Nick Clegg and school dinners (Dave Radcliffe)
    Article: Sep 18, 2013

    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg used his speech to Liberal Democrat conference to announce that all pupils at infant schools in England are to get free school lunches from September 2014, with equivalent funding for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    In addition, disadvantaged students at sixth form colleges and further education colleges in England will also be eligible for free school meals also from next September. Money is also being provided for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but as education is a devolved issue, it will be up to those running schools there to decide whether to spend the money on free lunches.

  • Article: Aug 5, 2013
    By Cllr Justine Baker

    Today it has been announced by Somerset County Council that 17 farms are going to be sold off. This comes after the Lib Dem group questioned about asset sales recently and were given no response.

    Though we are in tough times, selling off so many farms is a false economy, the work and support these farms give to Somerset are great, now means less chance for young farmers to learn the craft and help our county.

  • Article: Aug 5, 2013
    By Cllr Justine Baker

    This morning the Ofsted report for children in care at Somerset County Council has been issued and sadly the grading is 'inadequate' the lowest grading can be given.

    Last year's Ofsted was also graded as 'inadequate', this was after an Ofsted report in 2009, when the Lib Dems were in power, of 'outstanding'. In 4 years the level of care being given is not good enough for our most vulnerable children.

  • Article: Jul 18, 2013
    By Cllr Justine Baker

    PRESS RELEASE Somerset Liberal Democrats

    Yesterday (17 July 2013) at full council, at County Hall, the Tory administration passed a 3% pay rise for all council members, while County Hall staff only received a 1% pay rise, their first in many years.

    The motion was overwhelmingly supported by the Conservative group, Independents and some UKIP members, while the Lib Dem group all voted against this proposal.

    Leader of the Lib Dems, Cllr Sam Crabb said,

    "As we all keep hearing we are in tough times and people are struggling massively with bills and the daily cost of living. For the Conservative Administration to take the independent review on pay and let it be voted through is disgraceful.

    "Staff at County Hall have been on a pay freeze for over 3 years and this year have only been given 1%, when the cost of living has gone up by 2.6% during this last year. It is wrong for the ruling group to then allow an allowance increase of 3% to council members.

    "I appreciate that we have less County Councillors and the divisions, and therefore work load has increased, but many working people across Somerset have also found they have an increased workload due to lack of money and resources, but they do not have the luxury of a 3% pay rise to combat that.

    "To award an allowance rise in these economic times is simply unacceptable."


  • Nick Clegg (Photo by Dave Radcliffe for the Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Mar 10, 2013

    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has closed the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference in Brighton by calling on members to spread the message of the Party's commitment in Government to deliver a stronger economy and a fairer society.

    In his keynote Leader's speech, Nick paid tribute to the work of the Party in winning the Eastleigh by-election, beating the Conservatives into third place and squeezing Labour while campaigning on the Lib Dem record of delivering in Government.

  • Document: Jan 22, 2013
    15.27 KiB archive

    The selfishness of Tory cuts at Somerset County Council was demonstrated last year when they decided to withdraw all funding for the 490 bus service which runs every Tuesday morning between Cheddar and Bristol. This bus was relied on by many people to get to appointments, do their shopping, or travel to see relatives.

    After completing his 'consultation process', the Cabinet Member responsible for public transport, County Councilor Harvey Siggs, confirmed the withdrawal of this service.

    The County Council has suggested that those who relied on the 490 bus will now be able to get to Bristol by catching a bus from Cheddar to Wells or Weston-super-Mare and then transfer to Bristol.

    This is a completely inadequate alternative because such a journey would involve a round trip of six hours. Travelling to Bristol via Weston or Wells is completely inadequate for elderly residents who relied on the 490 to get to hospital appointments or to villages such as Shipham which lie between Cheddar and Bristol. It is unfair and unreasonable to expect anyone to endure a three hour journey to attend a vital appointment less than 20 miles away - and the same coming back!

    Councilor Siggs demonstrated that he is completely unwilling to listen to the views of local people and compromise, even when local residents suggested that they would be happy if the bus was to run on a fortnightly or even monthly basis. However, Councilor Siggs and his colleagues disregarded these suggestions, and showed that they are not willing to listen to the views of people they are supposed to represent.

    At the time of the 490 withdrawal MP Tessa Munt said: "I am extremely disappointed that The County Council has again demonstrated that it does not understand local people's needs. The withdrawal of funding from essential bus services is unfair and short-sighted. I am astonished that the County Council was not prepared even to offer a reduced fortnightly service on this route, which is a lifeline for many people. Somerset has a budget of £1.9m to subsidise bus routes across the county but claims it is unable to fund even occasional bus travel between Cheddar and Bristol. This is simply not good enough."

    Liberal Democrats in Somerset will continue to question the Tories over these selfish cuts and will support the efforts of local people who want to maintain their much needed local services.

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